Fitness management

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When we are busy, faced with deadlines, appointments or when emergency strikes, our commitment to fitness is often the first thing to go. And when we commit to a fitness program, we are faced with worry and self-imposed stressors.

How can I stay on track?

What if I lose my resolve and eat too much, or too fast, or the wrong things?

What if I’m laughed at by the girls in the gym? What if the workouts I’ve chosen to do are too difficult or what if I can’t follow through? What if I fail at my commitment to get in better shape?


Everyone of us is afraid of failure and in order to keep our fear in check, we do not step outside of our, despite the fact that sometimes that is pretty stressful. But what happens when emergency strikes or when things in our world seem like they just are not going right? How can we keep making progress with our goals?

Maybe you have suddenly been injured or faced with a family disaster or a new set of demands at work. As you’re reading this and relating, you are asking yourself,"How can I stay on track?" You are probably wondering how to live a healthy and fit lifestyle...

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Fitness Test helps you to know enough your kids are fit or not. The sad truth is that today’s children are not as fit as their parents were at their age. In this time of video games and of indoor activities, it seems that many children are destined for a life of poor fitness and poor health...
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When first starting any fitness program, you need to know your fitness level and set some fitness goals. This way, you will be able to assess just how much your fitness level has improved with each workout. By taking the time to create SMART goals, you can also create a system in which your...
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Your fitness level right now might be just where you want it. You can run a mile or you can simply keep up with others in your life without any troubles. But just because you’re fit now doesn’t mean that your body will stay that way. Just like any muscle which is not exercised will become weak,...
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Choosing to test your fitness level might be one of the most important gifts you give to yourself. When you take the time to find out how fit you are, you can then take steps to improve this fitness level or maintain it.